Thursday, January 17, 2013

Honor Flight: The Movie

Finally, we have a date and place for a showing of this awesome movie in Fort Worth! It will be shown at the Rave Theater at NE Mall on Feb 21 at 7:30 pm. We have to have 55 tickets reserved by Feb 14. Please go to the link,  to reserve your tickets today!!

"Honor Flight" is a film about four living World War II veterans and a Midwest community coming together to give them the trip of a lifetime.

Volunteers race against the clock to fly thousands of WWII veterans to Washington, DC to see the memorial constructed for them in 2005, nearly 60 years after the War. The trips are called "Honor Flights" and for the veterans, who are in their late 80s and early 90s, it's often the first time they've been thanked and the last trip of their lives.

The 24-hour journey is full of surprises that deeply move all who are involved. It’s uncommon for World War II veterans to talk about the War, but the Honor Flight experience brings their stories out. Many veterans say, with the exception of their wedding day and the birth of their children, the trip is the best day of their life.

However, 1,000 World War II veterans die every day and getting them on an Honor Flight in time is a constant battle. While the Honor Flight program is meant to give something back to these humble heroes, the goodness these men and women embody (and their appreciation for life in freedom) transforms the lives of everyone they meet.


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